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Joining a co-operative means working as a community helping to build connections, promote clients and support each others work. Working in a co-operative means more autonomy over your career and the support of other co-op members. Being part of a co-operative is an extremely rewarding and ultimately very successful choice for a lot of actors. 

Membership of 21st Century Actors Management requires a commitment of three days per month in the office (10am - 6pm) when not in paid acting work and attendance at monthly meetings. A big part of being an active member of a co-operative is the ability to commit your time, be flexible and ultimately, be totally committed to the industry, your own career, and the careers of your colleagues.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please complete the form below in order to be considered.

New members are selected by audition and chosen as a collective. When selecting new clients we look for a high standard of acting, professionalism, and the ability to work as a member of a team. We require our members to have a base in London or in the surrounding areas. It is also essential that you have your own Spotlight profile as we cannot submit you for work without this.

While we are eager to hear from anyone with an enthusiasm for working in a co-operative, we try to avoid representing actors that are direct casting clashes with each other. Before applying please have a look at our current agency members to see if you feel you fit a profile we do not currently represent.

We are particularly keen to hear from actors of a global majority, and people aged above 30.

Thanks for submitting!


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