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The Murderess

Fiona Tong takes the title role in this Children In Need-funded literacy project for 16-18 year olds.

Shooting Fish present a theatrical double bill written and produced in collaboration with young people from Gainsborough. The productions form part of the Gainsborough Literacy Project which aims to support young people’s skills development. We would like to thank all of our generous funders who have made this project possible.

In the Victorian era Margaret Van Woods (age 72) awaits imminent execution for the mass murder of beautiful, young women over a 40 year period. In a cold, dark prison cell, the night before her death, a ghost writer, Miss Seacole has the very last chance to capture Margaret’s story; an unprecedented opportunity to unearth the truth behind her cold blooded killings and reveal the inner workings of this seemingly charming, intelligent and harmless woman. What were her motivations and methods? How did she evade capture for so long? And why, most alarmingly, were the victims all missing their hearts?

Conceived and created by young people in collaboration with Community Learning in Partnership and professional artists from Shooting Fish as part of the Gainsborough Literacy Project. The young people have also been involved as co-producers of the play taking an active role in auditioning actors, creating the set and designing marketing materials.