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Kieran Gough in North by Northwest

Kieran Gough has just returned from a tour to Toronto, Canada with The Theatre Royal Bath’s production of North by Northwest.

Every twist, every thrill, every hairbreadth escape from Alfred Hitchcock’s supreme comedy of suspense is retained for this stunning new stage adaptation which received its world premiere in Melbourne in 2015 and now receives its UK premiere in Bath. North By Northwest is an unmissable theatrical spectacular in which the magic of film and theatre collide live on stage.

Roger O. Thornhill (the role played in the film by Cary Grant) is a suave and successful advertising executive, abducted by thugs who insist he is a man called George Kaplan. There’s obviously been a mix up. When they don’t believe him, that’s infuriating. When they try to kill him, that’s frightening. And when they pin a murder on him, then it’s time to run!

From New York to North Dakota, Thornhill is chased by spies, Feds, crop-dusting planes and the inevitable cool blonde. Years before the James Bond films there was North by Northwest – a lightning paced thriller that mixed glamour with espionage for a truly irresistible cocktail.

By special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, originally produced in association with Melbourne Theatre Company