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Briony Rawle touring Australia with Sh!tfaced Shakespeare

Client Briony Rawle was back at the Edinburgh Fringe with Magnificent Bastard Productions this year, taking to the stage with their infamous Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: an entirely serious Shakespeare play… with an entirely shit-faced actor.

Having already established raucous franchises all around the USA, as well as setting up home at the Leicester Square Theatre, the company have now turned their sights on the Antipodean home of boozing, AUSTRALIA. Briony Rawle will be touring to Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane in March 2018, playing a bleary-eyed Juliet, a half-cut Nurse, and a boozy Benvolia in Romeo and Juliet.

“Genuinely hilarious” (The Guardian),
“Very Rock n’ Roll” (The Times),
“Hilarious” (The Express),
“Extremely entertaining” (The Scotsman),
“Is this a stagger I see before me?” (The Sun),
“Majestic!” (The List)